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Van Gogh and the Sunflowers from Auryn Inc. is based on Laurence Anholt’s book by the same name.

“Where Camille lived, the sunflowers grew so high they looked like real suns – a whole field of burning yellow suns.” So begins Laurence Anholt’s engaging picture book app about the relationship between the postman’s son and Vincent van Gogh. As the story unfolds, Camille and his family befriend and help this strange painter.

Based on actual events, this simple and evocative story has a powerful message of tolerance and compassion for those who appear odd or unusual, and march to a different drummer. Anholt’s gentle and empathetic text is complemented by his lovely and expressive watercolor illustrations, and includes reproduction of some of van Gogh’s most famous paintings.

Perfect for youngsters 4-11, “Van Gogh and the Sunflowers” is an inspiring introduction to the artist, Vincent van Gogh, and his paintings, that shouldn’t be missed.

Auryn has once again used its expertise in showcasing watercolor illustrations in the most realistic manner. It is a perfect marriage between Laurence Anholt’s illustrations and Auryn’s technology.


Key features include:
★ Armature Game: Kids can touch an animated character to see the mechanism that makes it move. With another touch, parts of the armature structure collapse. Kids have to put all the pieces back in place in a given time to win. Completing one page would unlock another level and another page, keeping the child engrossed till the end.

★ Kids can also paint the characters on each and every page. The app is built in such a way that the paint will not spread outside the character. Once the characters are painted they become a part of the artwork and animate accordingly.

★A tap on Van Gogh’s paintings transports the reader to a Museum where they can experience 10 different paintings of Van Gogh, listen to and read fun facts about each one of them. The 3D experience created here is sure to be a hit with children.

★The soothing music in the background draws the reader to an era of great art and ensures he stays there till the end of the app.

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Van Gogh and the Sunflowers

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