Miko Series: Colorful illustrations and unhurried narrations capture the playful spirit of the youthful

PreS-Resourceful and oh-so-charming Miko the mouse, and his faithful friend Mimiki, a stuffed animal, star in four tales. In Double Birthday! (2005), Miko receives a number of presents and finds a way to share them with Mimiki, while a game of ball in the house and a broken vase lead to a confession—of sorts—in It Was Me, Mom! (2005). When Miko Goes On Vacation (2006), he makes sure Mimiki is safe before venturing off to enjoy the beach. And after another wonderful day outdoors, the youngster worries that he will wash away all the traces of fun he had in No Bath! No Way! (2005, all Minedition). The stories are true to the original books and feature situations and sentiments familiar to young children.

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