Auryn Inc. is “all about creating neverending stories”

Fans of Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story may recognize the reference to the amulet in that book in the Auryn name. As Umesh Shukla, founder of the Los Angeles-based company, notes, Auryn, Inc. is “all about creating neverending stories.”

Auryns Neverending StoriesAuryn burst onto the children’s digital scene picking up a 2011 Appy Award in the book category for Teddy’s Day, a production based on Brüno Hachler and Birte Müller’s picture book, What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day? (Minedition/Penguin, 2005). The app answers that question in the way only an app can, adding delightful animation and a host of interactive options to the book’s images and text.

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